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Limited Company

  • Company formation and compliance?

  • How to take out the Profits?

  • Tax reduction strategies?

  • Owning buy to let properties in a Ltd Company?


  • How to divide the profits to save Tax?

  • What expenses can be claimed?

  • Should I change to a Ltd Company?

  • The legal rules?

Sole Trader

  • What can i claim for?

  • What records should I keep?

  • How is my Tax calculated?

  • Should I change to a Partnership or Ltd Company?

Start Ups

  • Set up and register with HMRC?

  • Sole Trader, Partnership, LLP or Ltd Company?

  • Book Keeping?

  • What expenses can I claim?

Book Keeping

  • Which book keeping package to use?

  • Jones Cooper to do my book keeping?

  • Training on how to complete your book keeping?

  • Cloud Accounting or traditional book keeping?


  • Weekly, 4 weekly or monthly payroll?

  • Tax, National Insurance and Company Pensions?

  • Jones Cooper to process the payroll?

  • Which payroll software package to use?


  • Main contractor?

  • Sub contractor?

  • CIS Tax Refunds?

  • Ltd Company or Sole Trader?

Tax Returns

  • Do i need to complete a Tax Return?

  • Rental property and land income?

  • PAYE coding notices?

  • Expenses to claim?


  • Do I need to register?

  • Should I register voluntarily?

  • Which VAT scheme to use?

  • Filing VAT Returns?

Profit Improvement

  • How to increase sales?

  • How to reduce costs?

  • How to manage the cash flow?

  • How to systemise processes?

Cloud Accounting

  • Quickbooks, Sage, Xero?

  • Receipt capture and Automated data entry?

  • Automatic bank feeds?

  • VAT return filing?

Making Tax

  • MTD for VAT?

  • MTD for Tax?

  • Record keeping?

  • Software packages?

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