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How To Reduce Your Tax Bills!

As with all costs of a Business, it is important the Tax Burden of the Business is also closely looked at and managed.

At Jones Cooper, we successfully help our Clients to do just that! - During 2011 Jones Cooper Clients had their Tax Bills reduced by a staggering £851,000, (an average of £2,700 per client! )

Some of the Tax Reduction Strategies we will look at for your own Business include:

  • Looking at the right legal structure for the Business. is it a Tax efficient structure?
  • Tax outcome of an admission of a Partner into a Business.
  • Use of Personal Allowances within the Family unit.
  • Change of accounting Year-End?
  • Claiming of all Capital Allowances, including short-life asset treatment?
  • Whether to voluntarily register for VAT.
  • Whether to join the VAT Flat Rate Scheme?
  • Claiming of all Tax Allowances for your Business.
  • An Agreed Profit Extraction Strategy for the Limited Company Clients.
  • Tax efficient use of any Trading Losses.
  • The timing of the purchase of capital equipment.
  • The use of Advanced Tax Strategies for high earners above £60,000 p.a.
  • We can discuss these in more detail with yourself at a Free initial no-obligation meeting with one of our Business and Personal Tax Specialists.

    Please contact us on 01405 767247 or E-mail us on and book your Free initial no-obligation consultation to see how we can help reduce your own Tax position.

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