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Payroll and Auto Enrolment

  • How is Payroll worked out?
  • What are the Rules when taking someone on?
  • Should Jones Cooper sort out the Payroll for me?
  • How does Auto Enrolment impact your Business?

We will answer all these and many more questions you may have at a FREE Initial Consultation with us. you can ask us as many questions as you like, as it is your Free Meeting.

At your Free Session we will discuss:

  • The Payroll Records you need to keep.
  • How the PAYE& NI is calculated and the monthly payment dates.
  • What to do when you take someone on.
  • The rules regarding Casuals and Self-employed workers.
  • If you require a workplace pension scheme and who to enrol.

Understanding the Payroll Rules:

  • If you employ anyone, you must understand your obligations, not only under the Tax Laws, but also under Employment Law.
  • Upon taking on a new employee, you should either receive a P45 from them, or have in place a P46 Form for them.
  • Casual workers are not recognised by HMRC except in certain circumstances.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure any self-employed workers are genuinely self-employed for the duration of the work they do for you.
  • Be aware of the cost of Employers NIC when taking on board a new employee.
  • PAYE Tax is deducted by you based upon the Employee's Coding Notice.
  • All PAYE and NI is paid to HMRC on a monthly basis.

Understanding your Auto Enrolment Obligations:

  • You must understand your obligations for each member of staff. This can vary dependent upon both age and earnings.
  • You are responsible for providing your Employees with the correct correspondence at the correct time.
  • Be aware of the potential penalties for non-compliance!

How We Help your Business:

We have detailed knowledge of the Tax Laws and Employment Laws and so are able to provide you with help, guidance and advice, when you take on a new employee.

We can provide you with initial tuition on operating your own Payroll, or alternatively our specialist Payroll Team can relieve you of this weekly/monthly burden.

Please contact us on 01405 767247 or E-mail us on and book your Free initial no-obligation consultation to see how we can help.

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