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The Best Business Book I Have Ever Read!

With the Festive season soon to be upon us, I am sure you are all scrambling around looking for ideas and suggestions as to what Xmas presents you can get for the family and loved ones in your life. An obvious answer can be a book!

Now the problem is - ahh, what book should I get so and so…….? -  Well for the people who like soaps and avid Eastenders fans, I hear there is a book out entitled ‘The Argument Free Episodes from the TV Programme, Eastenders’. But, I don’t think I would recommend this though, as for a RRP of £15.99, I think it’s a little bit pricey for only 4 pages!

For people who like a bit of light-hearted reading there is the classic book written by Accountants called ‘101 Accountants Jokes’. This I must say is another disappointment and certainly one to stay clear of. Whilst, this looks fairly good value at £12.99 and contains 179 pages, I think it is fair to say that you will not be requiring the services of the A&E at the local hospital to stitch your sides back again! In fact you have to study it fairly hard to find anything in there that will make the corners of your mouth curl up!

But if you want to buy someone a Business Book, (now that to me sounds like a really good idea!), I can help you here. With the Xmas break coming up I am looking forward to re-reading my favourite Business book of all time. This Business Book is compulsory reading for all Client Account Managers at JCL (Jones Cooper Limited), and certainly for all Senior Managers. The name of this Book? – ‘The E-Myth Revisited’ by Micheal Gerber.

I am pleased to say that I have already read this Book three times already over the years and it still never fails to excite and motivate me. For anyone currently running their own Business, just starting their own Business, or even merely thinking of going into Business, this is a must-read Book!

It basically goes through the three main stages of building a Business, the Technician stage, the Managerial Stage and the Entrepreneurial Stage, telling the story of a young lady named Sarah and her ambition to build a Pie-Shop. The Book contains a wealth of ideas and suggestions and emphasises the need to systemise the processes and roles within the Business, but the beauty of the Book is that it is told in a simple novel, story-like way, that doesn’t sound like a Business Book at all!

When I first read the Book nearly 10 years ago back in 2003, it completely revolutionised the way I thought a Business should be run. I am absolutely sure it would do the same for you and your Business. So, I recommend you read this Book and let it change your Business life forever. Oh and by the way, I am not on any commission or reward from the sales of any of these Books.

To show our commitment at JCL (Jones Cooper Limited) Accountants, to help Businesses grow and prosper, I do provide a free copy of this Book to any of you Limited Company Directors out there who would like to meet with me Free of Charge, to see how JCL (Jones Cooper Limited) can improve your current circumstances. Likewise, I am happy to provide any existing clients a free copy of this book. Just contact me and I will arrange this for you.

Happy reading!


Rickey Cooper FFA, FMAAT, ATT
JCL – Jones Cooper Limited

3 Responses to “The Best Business Book I Have Ever Read!”

  1. Jan Copeland says:

    Sounds like a must read over christmas whilst holding a glass of something which may contain a wee bit of alcohol!

    Yes please to a copy.


  2. I’ll go for a copy of this book Rickey thanks, is it an ebook or hard copy?

  3. Looking around…

    I like to browse in various places on the internet, regularly I will go to Stumble Upon and read and check stuff out…

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