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Archive for April, 2013

Are You Joining the 40% Tax Club This Year?

As from 6th April 2013, we are all now in a new Tax year, the Tax year 2013/14 – But are we all aware of the subtle changes that have been made to the Tax we have to pay? Or has the Chancellor George Osborne come up with the classic Baldrick line from the Black[...] Read more »

Professional Fee Protection – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

For all Businesses, Professional Fee Protection is a must and a vital defence mechanism against any form of attack or intervention from HMRC. Yes, we all know for example like with all insurance policies, this is just another cost until of course, you discover “oops, we didn’t have this cover, – aaaah, I wish we[...] Read more »

Happy 40th Birthday!

Yes, believe it or not there were some 40th Birthday celebrations taking place on the 1st April this year – And before we go any further, may I just personally thank some of you people out there who had the initial thoughts of “Hmm, Rickey was 40 last week was he”? It was lovely of[...] Read more »

And So Yet Another Tax Year Ends!

Yes, we are now at the 5th April, the end of yet another Tax year. Wow, doesn’t time fly when you are having fun? It’s right though, the older you get the more the time seems to fly, policemen always appear to be a lot younger than they were in the olden days, and the[...] Read more »

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