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Archive for February, 2013

Have You Ever Heard of the 80:20 Principle?

In this week’s Blog, we are going to get a little bit philosophical. Sometimes, it can be beneficial in our busy and hectic lives, to try and look at things and life in general, from a different angle or from a different perspective. Sometimes, by doing this we can reduce and relieve the stress and[...] Read more »

Property Sales and the Taxman!

We all know the Government are short of money and they are looking at many different ways to try and raise additional revenue to boost their coffers. Now, I do have some good simple ideas of my own as to how they can raise additional funds (I am sure you will have your own ideas[...] Read more »

Plan Your Cash Flow!

Whether you are running a Business or not, modern day life dictates you have to look after the Cash Flow. In its simplest form this even means that when you go down to the local Pub, you take enough funds with you, so you don’t run out of money! Now we all can sometimes end[...] Read more »

How Old Are You?

I don’t actually want you to reply and answer this question, but what has prompted me to ask you this is I have just received my latest annual Pension Statement about my Pension Fund. Now we are all getting older. It is a fact of life. But I did come across an old school-friend of[...] Read more »

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