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Archive for January, 2013

Here Come Those Tax Codes!

Now there are two occasions during the year when the Royal Mail are flat out delivering letters. One, as you have probably rightly guessed is when they are delivering all those letters addressed to Santa Claus c/o North Pole, and yes that would be December time. The other most busy period for the Royal Mail[...] Read more »

Now Look After your Money!

We Yorkshire folk have a reputation for being able to look after our money pretty well! But I still think there is a lot of money out there being totally wasted, and with a little bit more care and attention, can remain in the long deep pockets of us short-armed Yorkshire folk! Now this Blog[...] Read more »

Check Out the New Child Benefit Rules!

I don’t know what the hot topic of conversation is on everyone’s lips at the moment out there? Strong contenders surely must be the love life of Harry Styles (singer in the pop group One Direction, – don’t know who he is? Come on you old ones, get with it!), or probably the brand-new TV[...] Read more »

Come on Own Up – Was it You?

Now we all know we have to complete and file our 2012 Self-Assessment Tax Return Forms with HMRC by the 31st January 2013 at the absolute latest. So, at Jones Cooper we are now making our final contact with the Clients who have not yet provided us with the full details for us to complete[...] Read more »

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