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Who Understands Cloud Technology?

Due to my number of years on this planet, it is true to say that I did not receive any formal education on computers when I was at school. Computers and IT were just not part of the school curriculum. But now, it is appreciated by all, that IT is now a core subject at school ranking alongside the core subjects of Maths and English.

So, it was with a little apprehension on my part, that at JCL (Jones Cooper Limited), we had our Annual IT Review Meeting last week with our outside firm of IT consultants, PNS (Practical Network Solutions). But just to make sure that I was not going to look as out of place as Zak Dingle at the Oscars Awards Ceremony, I did have a couple of my staff members with me at the meeting, who are certainly up to speed with the latest gadgets and technology. And let’s be honest about this, continued use of IT in Business and in our personal lives will certainly be the way forward for us all, whether we like it or not.

One of the main points we had on our agenda, was to discuss the pros and cons of ‘The Cloud’. Whilst I think it is generally accepted by everyone I come into contact with that I am no expert on this, I do know that ‘The Cloud’ is not just the fluffy thing we see in the sky from time to time. My understanding is that ‘The Cloud’ is in fact just a place where all data, and IT packages and programmes are stored, rather than in a physical state in your home or offices. Now straight away alarm bells start to ring don’t they? What all our data and information is stored away off-site? – that’s sounds as secure as Leeds Utd’s defence at the moment!

What our IT people did though was to re-assure us that data stored in the Cloud is actually more secure than on your own server on your own premises. Obviously in the event of any break-in a server can literally be picked up by one person and carried away, and so all the data is then stolen. With the Cloud technology this cannot happen. But the obvious question is of course, “What about computer hackers?” – Well, once you switch your PC on and connect with the internet, there is always a risk of computer hacking. But with the Cloud the firewalls and the internet security will always be a lot stronger and more robust than the security you have on your own PC.

The three main conclusions gained from our meeting with the IT people was to firstly, gradually look at migrating to the Cloud, secondly to explore the possibility of creating Client Portals for easy access to and for the storing of sensitive financial information, and thirdly for Rickey Cooper to do some swotting up on IT!


Rickey Cooper FFA, FMAAT, ATT
JCL – Jones Cooper Limited


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