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How Did You Spend Your Christmas Day?

Yes, it is that time of year yet again.

The party atmosphere of Xmas and the New Year celebrations now appear to be a distant memory, and the ‘Gangnam Style’ dancing shoes of yours truly have reluctantly been put away for another year! And so it is back to the busy time for all Accountants with the rapidly advancing 31st January 2014 deadline.

Now we all know we have to complete and file our 2013 Self-Assessment Tax Return Forms with HMRC by the 31st January 2014 at the absolute latest. We also have to pay whatever Tax we have outstanding for the Tax year 2012/13, whilst at the same time making a contribution towards the current Tax position for the Tax year 2013/14 – OUCH, I hear you say!

So, at Goole based Accountants JCL (Jones Cooper Limited), we are now making our final contact with the Clients who have not yet provided us with the full details for us to complete their Self-Assessment Tax Return Forms. This is of course to ensure none of our Clients are wasting money by picking up the HMRC automatic £100 late filing penalty, (what is the point in throwing away £100?) We have now contacted all these Clients using all the methods of contact we can think of such as letters, e-mails, telephone calls and text messages. But if there are any of you Clients who have not yet got the message, then ‘get your stuff in to us, please!’

Sometimes Business people believe it is just the Accountants hassling them to get the Tax Return filed on time, but we believe it is more important to file your Tax Return as early as possible after the 5th April Tax year-end. Early filing allows the Tax Bills for the previous Tax year just ended to be determined, but also more importantly to ensure some current in-year Tax Planning can take place for the next Tax year. At JCL Accountants, we are serious about reducing our Client’s Tax Bills, and this can be hugely successful, if pro-active advice and action is taken before the end of the Tax year.

But with the festive season now truly behind us, I thought I would share with you some official statistics, as issued by HMRC on the 2013 Self-Assessment Tax Returns.

For most people on Christmas Day, it is the time of year to relax with friends and family, exchange gifts and tuck into the Xmas Turkey and all the trimmings. But for 1,566 people I feel Santa’s presents must have been a huge disappointment for them. Or perhaps the turkey was cooked to a cinder, or worse still maybe actually eaten by the dog. Official HMRC statistics reveal a staggering 1,566 decided to file their 2013 Tax Return forms on-line on Christmas Day with HMRC. Just think they could have been watching an all-time favourite Christmas Classic of mine, -‘The Snowman’, or the recent sequel of ‘The Snowman and The Snowdog’. (The sequel not quite as good as the first one, in my opinion).

So I have a proposition to make to all these 1,566 people. For next year if you all contact me at Goole based Accountants JCL (Jones Cooper Limited) in say May or June 2014, I will try and assist you in getting your Tax Returns filed well before December, so that you too can enjoy a relaxing Christmas Day (and watch ‘The Snowman’ Christmas Classic!)

But, back to the present. Anyone who has been issued with a 2013 Tax Return and has not yet filed this Return, then please make arrangements to complete and file this on-line with HMRC before 31.01.14. If anyone does need help and assistance in completing their 2013 Self-Assessment Tax Return Forms, then please contact us at Jones Cooper without delay. We can help!

Rickey Cooper FFA, FMAAT, ATT
JCL – Jones Cooper Limited

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